Not Guilty

We have been working our way through Suits on Netflix for a while now. We enjoy the fun light hearted dialogue mixed with the fast paced drama and many plot twists. As you might imagine for a drama set in a law firm the topic of guilt comes up a lot, which got me thinking... … Continue reading Not Guilty


Receiving Praise

Nothing makes a Brit cower in awkwardness like public praise and appreciation! For some reason a simple public acknowledgement for work well done causes us to reach for those awkward phrases that deflect and look for the nearest exit. Something within our culture and our identity frowns on public recognition. I suspect it has something … Continue reading Receiving Praise

Living From Rest

Life is full. About 9 months or so ago I realised that "busy" was fast becoming my stock answer to "how are you doing?". I don't know if others noticed but I was definitely getting bored of this reply! So I decided to stop. Life is always busy, the real question is with what. I have started preferring the word "full"! It may just be code for busy but at least it feels like a more interesting answer! In my "full" life, managing work life, home life, raising two little girls under the age of 3 and running a school of ministry on the side I have been on an intentional pursuit to understand rest...