In Pursuit of Excellence

I love when things are done well. Yet this desire I find within me for things to be done well must be kept in balance. I believe at its heart it is God-given. Like many God-given desires it must find its healthy expression. Unchecked, this desire can reveal an internal pressure to perform to gain … Continue reading In Pursuit of Excellence

Facing Into Feedback

The words appraisal, review or feedback are enough to send many running for the hills! Most people do not have a great experience of structured feedback. Most jobs, including my own, include a degree of feedback as part of performance goals and personal development. I am on a journey this year to embrace feedback. As … Continue reading Facing Into Feedback

Does Good Mean Good?

I came across this fascinating quote from C.S. Lewis the other day. It grabbed my attention as it is a topic I have spent much timing thinking about personally. Lewis is writing a letter to someone who was challenging his perspective on the problem of evil. In the letter the gentleman attempts to redefine what it means … Continue reading Does Good Mean Good?

Presence Possibilities

Camp fire

"The church camps around the sermon; Israel camped around the presence." - Bill Johnson A stirring quote from Bethel's senior leader and yet it reveals an important truth about our priorities. The most important thing to Israel throughout the Old Testament was not their inspiring leaders, fathers or even their most revered scriptures the Torah. The focus of … Continue reading Presence Possibilities

Kingdom influence

At the very heart of the gospel is the idea of influence. The word gospel means good news, good news is worth sharing! Jesus introduced the Kingdom of God here on earth. With a crash the Kingdom of Heaven, as Matthew calls it burst onto the earth. The superior reality of the Kings dominion colliding … Continue reading Kingdom influence