Faith and fear

Faith – belief that something good that has not yet happened will happen.

Fear – belief that something bad that has not yet happened will happen.

This definition really struck me the other night. There I was playing electric guitar at a worship event where prophet john paul jackson was speaking. Can faith and fear really be so similar? Two sides of the same coin.

Lately the words fear and faith have become more than just words to me. Circumstances have been conspiring to make them a common theme of the last couple of months. Experience tends to leave head knowledge and theory looking pretty hollow when it comes along.

It might just be me, but how often do we actually stop and recognise fear. Maybe fear seems like too strong a word. Re-packaged as worry or unbelief it might be easier to spot.

People will often say that faith is a choice. If that is true then is fear choosing not to have faith? I wonder if sometimes we even think that we have a right to be worried or fearful or lacking in hope. Maybe with that kind of thinking we are unwittingly making our decision. It might seem subtle but in my experience the best deceptions are!

I just wonder if justifying fear is helpful. It is right to say that in many situations it is a “natural” response. However, maybe the challenge of faith is to not have the natural reaction but rather the super-natural reaction. As someone wiser than me once said:

“We are called believers, not feelers.”

There seems to be a dynamic in the Kingdom where we are called to act on a greater reality. One which is actually more real than what we see around us. Difficult to get your head round but seems to match what the bible has to say on the subject:

Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

3 thoughts on “Faith and fear

  1. Please do not limit what faith is. Not only is Faith for something good to happen, but faith includes trust, reliance upon, conviction of, allegiance too, & belief in.
    We may have faith in what has happened in the past! Which gives us faith, hope, confident exoectation for the future!
    And as You know, this leads to JOY! God bless. John Gregory.


  2. ur post is spot on neil… it’s right to remind ourselves to be wary of fear in whatever package and to choose faith. faith reminds us that we are (as you say) “called to act on a greater reality”. It’s all too easy to be fixated on our lives as we see them, without seeking God’s perspective each and every day.


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