Withdrawal symptoms

Ever feel exhausted? like things are going to fast and there is just too much to do?

I wonder how busy Jesus felt, I mean he must have really been in demand!

If it wasn’t someone wanting their healing or asking him difficult questions it was the religious and political leaders trying to catch him out and plotting to kill him.

I even find that it is not just bad or negative things that can zap my strength. Often it is good and fun things. Church meetings, spending time with friends or even writing blogs can tire me out!

I love this little insight into how Jesus renewed his strength through the good and bad, the highs and the lows of his ministry.

Luke 5:16

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.

It seems from the story of Jesus this was a bit of a habit. Whether he was celebrating with his disciples the success of a ministry trip(Luke 9:10), recovering from a time in the public eye (Mark 1:35), considering a major decision (Luke 6:12-13), responding to people who misunderstood him (John 6:15) or facing the greatest trial of his life (Luke 22:41) he seemed to respond by taking some space and spending time with his father.

I just wonder what a difference it would make to live a life where withdrawing for strength was a regular pattern. If the son of God needed to find the time and space I reckon it might be helpful to me!

The symptoms of withdrawal might just be an extraordinary life.

Let me know your thoughts...

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