Fear and worship

GuitarI lead worship at my church.

Worship, though is more than just a few songs at a church service. I know this to be true. It is about how you live your life, where you put your time and resources and so much more.

Recently however, I heard something new on the subject:

Whatever you fear you end up worshipping.

When I stop and think about it, it seems to make sense. Whenever you fear something you are implying (perhaps implicitly) that you think it is more powerful than God. So simply put we give our worship to the object of our fear.

Experience teaches me that fear can grow and that the more you focus on it the bigger it seems to grow.

I think I notice the opposite too, the more you focus on God and his greatness the bigger he seems to grow!

Perhaps, one is the answer to the other?

I know that I need to be more aware of when and what I am fearing. The bible says we were created to worship, so it turns out it is something that I just do naturally. I guess the problem is that I am not always aware of where my worship is being directed.

Psalm 34:4

I sought the LORD, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.


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