Guest: Distractions

Here are some thoughts from my Dad. Enjoy.

ButterflyI don’t know about you but I feel at times I can get easily distracted. For me it’s usually when I am sitting down and resting that distracting thoughts come; things I meant to do or think I ought to do, or even sometimes just random thoughts that seem to have no connection with anything. The distraction can sometimes come from an anxious feeling. I think they call it the ‘tyranny of the urgent’ where even inanimate objects seem to shout at you ‘I need to be cleaned, sorted, put away, or even put on to a list to do’(etc).

When Jesus was visiting Martha and Mary He said to Martha that she was worried and upset about many things. He meant that she was allowing her anxieties about serving Him to take precedence, rather than being in His company. I often want to be more like Mary in the story, but know all too often those distractions come.

I like to think that I believe that ‘being’ is probably better than ‘doing’ but I am often betrayed by my own anxious thoughts to try and make God see my perspective, like Martha did. ‘Lord, don’t you care that..’ reveals a resentment about others not sharing the work that I feel is important.

To be honest we need both ‘being’ and ‘doing’ but maybe in that order. We would all want to turn out like some of the characters in the bible, through whom God did some amazing things, e.g. Joshua who led the people to inherit the promised land. He had lots of distractions but he had learned a precious key lesson en route. It was about spending time in the Lord’s Presence.

‘Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young assistant Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent’

Exodus 33:11

Lord, help me stay in your Presence until the distractions fade.

Bill Thompson

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