Grace and Greatness

The Christian message is one of grace. By grace we mean ‘undeserved favor’. The good news message of Christianity is that God loved us so much that he would send his own son to restore us to him. Not only sending him to bring a message of hope but to prove his incredible love and power by having him die for us so that we could come to God by faith, and not through following a set of rules.

When you truly get your head round this it is incredible. God gave God for me? Why would he do that?

One of the responses to the cross is complete unworthiness. A totally valid response, because in reality none of us are worthy or deserving of anything from God. We are unworthy and we are nothing before God. What could we ever hope to offer the God of the universe when he has it all anyway?! We feel forever indebted to God.

The truth of the cross is incredible, that God would be interested in me is one of the first things that impacts most people. Yet there are many further truths that follow from this that are even more incredible. That God is not only interested in restoring relationship with us he has so much more for us. He has also adopted us into his family, making us sons and daughters of His and brothers and sisters with Jesus. That makes us heirs in the family. We share in Jesus’s inheritance! The bible tells us that Jesus inherits everything at the end. That is really difficult to get our heads round! Being a son or daughter also means we carry the authority of the family. We represent and do the business of our father here on earth with his authority. He has commissioned us to bring his rule and reign here on earth.

The thing I have noticed is that some people seem stuck at their initial feeling of unworthiness. Stuck in the sense that they feel so overwhelmed that they cannot receive these further truths. I am lucky that God would show any interest in me, why should I expect anything more? This feeling of unworthiness can stop us stepping into our real destiny. God was not simply content with clearing your debt, he also deposited unlimited resources into your account ready for withdrawal. If in some way we could hold in tension that we are unworthy  and undeserving without letting this feeling stop us from receiving all that God has given us.

If we could step beyond the awareness of our inability and realise all we have been given and his complete ability to fulfil all he has called us to we would experience a much greater freedom. We need to learn how to receive gifts we do not deserve. I know this is not easy and we can be particularly bad at receiving gifts in the UK, especially when the gift is lavish and extravagant! For most people giving is far easier than receiving.

My hearts cry is to see more Christians with a revelation of yes their undeserved favor, but more than that, the destiny and greatness that God has called them to. We were born for greatness, we are not meant to just scrape by. Anyone thinking this sounds a little boastful or arrogant should remember that true humility is confidence in identity and not about hiding from truth. God has paid the price for us and his grace was poured out to make us free, let’s honor that gift by receiving it and then living it out. Let’s remember all that God has given us and let it change our countenance!

We are no longer simply slaves but siblings of Jesus and children of God. We don’t deserve any of it, but it does deserve to be well received.

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