Stop for the one

Heidi Baker presented an incredibly simple vision before Bethel Church recently. I think she has recently found a new phrase to summarise her hearts cry for the needy. Heidi has an amazing heart of love and compassion for the poor and hurting and her latest campaign reveals that.

It is simple and the phrase is “Stop for the one”. The phrase encourages us to just stop for one person each day and love them. It is not a massive ask but has the potential to be world transforming. You see a homeless person on the street, stop. A friend needs to talk, stop. The phrase has horizontal implications as we reach out to the people we live life with but it also has a vertical or heavenly dimension. Heidi wanted us to know the only way we can consistently stop for the one was if we stopped for THE one. If we make time for God each day and stop for him he will empower us to stop for others. There is a lot wrapped up in this concept but at its heart it is simple.

Stop for the one.

Let me know your thoughts...

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