Victims or Victors

There are no victims in the Kingdom of Heaven.

At times we all feel like a victim. Something happens outwith our control and we feel our world come crashing down around us. It happens to us all.

Recently though I have began to see how it is possible to live a victorious life in all circumstances, no matter how disastrous things are. We cannot always choose our circumstances but we can choose our reaction and our attitude. When we start to believe the things God says about us as children and realise all that he has put at our disposal a victim mentality seems increasingly out of place. Humbleness is not about feeling sorry for ourselves.

Jesus faced all sorts of circumstances, sickness all around him, the death of a close friend, torture and his own painful death. Yet his response was victorious. He felt grief and shared in pain but was never motivated in his reaction by fear. He rose up above the circumstances and chose love every time.

As christians we sometimes act like we have no options, no response, no power and little authority. As believers we always have a choice, even if that choice is simply to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. I hope this doesn’t sound hollow. As a family we have just been through a really tough time. After 9 years of battling with cancer my mother-in-law Rosemary died. She was an amazing woman of faith and a fighter right until the end. It is not a situation any of us would ever have chosen and yet through it we have learnt so much in the last few years.

We have chosen faith consistently. We prayed for healing always and chose to see the good God was doing in the darkest times. We have seen complete miraculous turn arounds in recent years as a result of prayer and we know with assurance that God has been at work throughout the whole time. In the last few weeks we were able to hold in tension personal grief and the need to say goodbye with our faith that God could turn things around in a moment. In the last few weeks we saw the hospice as our mission field. We prayed for nursing staff and each other and tried to be as helpful and loving as possible. All the while calling down heaven to the place. We prayed around the grounds, we worshipped in Rosemary’s room and we interceded for all the patients. It felt like God had given us a special grace to act supernaturally and not only naturally. By seeing heavens perspective and taking each day as an opportunity from God we were able to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to that place. Some of the family prayed for a nurse who had a splint around her hand. She was healed and preceded to tell all the other nursing staff! If we will only keep our eyes on God and his perspective on things we can be victorious in all situations. Do not let circumstances dictate a self centred approach, lets look up and live in step with heavens heartbeat.

In many ways it was one of the hardest periods of time. In other ways it was a testimony to Gods goodness and a training ground for perseverance and hope to spring forth.

In Christ we are never the victims and always the victors!

55 “Where, O death, is your victory?”

1 Corinthians 5:55

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