Finish lineLegacy is a big deal here at Bethel. Their heart is to see each generation go further than the one previous. They want the revival here to be the first revival that makes it to the second generation. Historically moves of God have not made the generational leap. They have already taken massive steps towards this (including the school I attend!) and the senior pastor Bill Johnson already has his son Eric as the local church pastor and setup to take over the reins of the church. They have been planning strategically for a long time and the dream is that the ceiling of one generation can become the floor for the next.

It is important to remember that our time here on earth is limited and what we do is of real importance. Our breakthroughs have the potential to affect the generations ahead of us. If our children have to learn all we have learnt again growth will be restricted and we will be forever stuck in a cycle of repeating history. It seems we must do two things to be really strategic about impacting the world for years to come. We must firstly be faithful with what we have been given. Secondly it is of vital importance that we teach the next generation both what we have learnt and also how to grow what they are given and produce an inheritance for the following generation. Inheritance can take so many forms. Financial inheritance can setup the next generation to start ahead of their peers and bring a freedom from the restrictions of poverty. Spiritual inheritance can include testimonies of Gods goodness, annointings, truths and revelation. For example, you only have to go back around 500 years to before the reformation where the idea of receiving salvation through Jesus by faith was alien. Some people would pray for months to achieve any sort of certainty in their conversion. We now freely receive the prize that was fought for in that revelation. Likewise what we have battled for we need to give away freely. If everyone in the church were to freely share the things they have fought to secure we may find many of the answers to peoples prayers at our finger tips.

Here are some questions for you:

What impact will you have?

Will the next generation honour your memory not only by recalling your victories but by building upon them, securing a new inheritance to pass on?

What could be the impact on our planet if each generations ceiling provides the floor for the men and women who follow?

The impact we leave will not be measured in our career, our bank balance or our gifts. The impact we leave is measured by what we did with what we had.


Let me know your thoughts...

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