Bethel 101: Heaven on earth (Part 1)

So we are about half way through our time here at Bethel. We have only actually been in the environment for about 3 months now but we are about half way through the time. It has been an incredible adventure so far and with our mission trip to Kenya coming up in March it is sure to only get better. We feel the culture and relationships renewing our minds and changing our perspective on so much. A number of people have asked us what is so special about Bethel so I thought it might be fun to share some observations. Why would we travel 5000 miles from home to be part of things here? Surely there are churches and bible schools in the UK? The church has a number of core values and experiences that are fairly unique and exciting. I thought I would share some of what we have discovered so far about this place. I have broken it up into a few short blog posts to make it easier to digest. This part is all about the powerful way in which God is moving here.

What is so special about Bethel?

God is moving powerfully

The main reason Bethel has become so well known around the globe is the fact that God is moving powerfully here. The gospel message here is backed up with the same signs and miracles reported in the New Testament. The church has been experiencing a strong move of God or Revival for over 10 years. Healings and Gods supernatural intervention are a daily lifestyle for many of the church members and students. The environment is one of faith and expectation and Gods promises to provide, protect and restore are taken very seriously. If for no other reason than this it is worth visiting for yourself. You will discover that God really is good, he overcomes impossible situations all the time and he is waiting for you to partner with him. A gospel that is presented with the same power the original disciples displayed is much more attractive!

The leadership team are very keen to keep out of the way whenever God shows up and recently God has shown up in some really strange ways. Since arriving I have seen families restored, legs and arms grow, backs healed, metal disappear from peoples bodies, glittery gold fill a room and many other miracles. They all remind me just how big God is.

Heaven on earth

The biggest core value of Bethel is based on the Lords prayer: “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. Heaven reveals the blueprint for our prayers to see the earth transformed. If it does not exist in heaven then we are expected to pray and see it overturned on the earth. This flow of heaven to earth is an underlying principle for all intercession and activity within the church. The teachers here often reminds us of Paul’s words that we are currently seated in heavenly realms with Jesus. A heavenly perspective puts an end to some of our need to strive. The heaven on earth approach also encourages every believer to live a lifestyle where the supernatural is expected. This is not just a theology but a reality here at Bethel. In many ways Bill Johnson’s book “When heaven invades earth” has been one of the most influential messages to come from Bethel and I would highly recommend it.

These are some of the fundamental things that have struck me about Bethel. It is an exciting environment, full of life, freedom, hunger and miracles. Christians are discovering their identity and learning to live as powerful and self controlled sons and daughters.

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3 thoughts on “Bethel 101: Heaven on earth (Part 1)

  1. Arms and legs grow back… You CANNOT be serious?! How is this stuff never on the news if it happens? Why do the millions of strong Christians who suffer from cancer die if God really can take it all away?


    1. Hi Louise, just to clarify. Personally I saw both arms and legs grow 1 or 2 inches in length to even out. Though I have heard testimony here of arms and legs growing from nothing! God is doing incredible things all around the world all the time we never hear about. People get raised from the dead and all sorts of stages and types of cancer are being healed. The question of why some people are not healed is a complex one and one that has really affected us personally. All I know is the more people I pray for, for healing, the higher the number of people who get healed. There is also a lot more we can learn about healing. The healing movement in the christian church was only rediscovered a couple of hundred years ago. We have lots to learn still but we can all play our part. Sickness was not in Gods original design and he has called us to bring about his will on earth. 🙂


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