Guest: Kenyan Encounters – Transformed

My wife Jo shares a story from our recent time in Kenya:

Jo, Agnes and her daughter

During our mission trip to Kenya in March this year, I had the amazing privilege of praying with a wonderful lady called Agnes. This post is all about her and what God has done for her.

I first met Agnes when some of the team went to the local HIV clinic to meet with and pray for the ladies there. The women and children shared their stories of how difficult life is living with HIV in Kenya. These women are shunned from all areas of community once their positive status is disclosed, this makes life incredibly difficult for them. Their husbands had left them and some of them had up to 7 children to feed, without a job. Sadly out of desperation, some of the women go into prostitution. The atmosphere in the clinic was one of solitude, sadness and hopelessness. My heart was burdened as we listened to story after story of struggle. After they had shared, they turned to the team and asked us for a solution. Only Jesus can fix this!

A couple of us shared a few things God had placed on our hearts. I was leading the team that morning, and I felt God had put a message on my heart. As I shared this message, my eyes kept being drawn to Agnes. She was sitting at the back, moving between the heads so she could see me. As a response, half the room stood to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour (about 10), Agnes being one of them. Everyone stood to receive prayer for healing. At this point, I released the team to pray and prophesy over the ladies. The atmosphere was already shifting, hopelessness was departing!

Agnes caught my eye again; God gave me a word to share with her. I approached Agnes and shared what God had put on my heart, her 12 year old HIV positive daughter sat next to her. She shared about how she needed surgery for a tumour and without surgery she would die. But caught in the cycle of poverty and sickness she had no money to pay for the operation. I felt faith arise and I asked her if I could pray for her healing. She agreed. I asked if she could feel the tumour just now. ‘Yes’ she replied, ‘I’m holding it’, she said as she clutched her stomach. Time to pray! I prayed a very simple prayer and asked her if the tumour was still there. In response she tried to find the tumour but couldn’t! She grabbed by hand and put in on her stomach, no tumour was to be found! We both burst out crying, overwhelmed with the goodness of God! ‘God is bigger than I am, he has saved my life’, she cried out! She stood to her feet and shared what had just happened to the room of ladies, as she did numerous other healing broke out. One lady with breast pain for over a year was instantly healed; another lady who had pain all over and could barely stand because of it was instantly healed. The atmosphere was transformed. Fellowship replaced solitude, joy removed sadness, and hope had displaced hopelessness. That’s Jesus.

The following Sunday, Agnes came to church. Due to ignorance, a lot of the churches shun those with HIV as they think it can be caught via casual contact, the church we were working with was not one of them; they are reaching out to this community of women. Pastor Christopher invited those who were new to the church to stand. Agnes stood.

Agnes welcomed in the church

She shared her story of how she came to the Lord and he healed her of her life threatening tumour. Agnes remained standing as pastor Christopher asked all the ‘Mama’s’ of the church to stand with her, he instructed them that as she is now part of the family they are to look after her and make her one of them. This created an amazing image, as one by one these women stood to their feet to stand alongside Agnes, something which she would have not experience since her diagnosis. She now had fellowship, spiritual covering and family.

God is interested in every part of us. We see this so clearly in the testimony of Agnes. God saved her soul, healed her body, brought her spirit back into fellowship and gave her the spiritual mothers she needs as she grows in the Lord.

Our God is a good God who loves to gives good gifts to his children.

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