Mind Games

We are born into a battle. A large part of the battle is waged in our minds. Believers are called to think differently, yet everything calls us to conform. In this war we need to realise that not all our thoughts are our own. Sometimes thoughts are accusations to be taken captive, fiery darts of doubt and distraction. The greatest propaganda campaign in all of history is under way, did you notice?

The battle is between truth and lies, it always has been. The latter leads to a life of bondage, pain and suppression. The former leads to complete freedom, hope and a life lived to its full. Two kingdoms are clashing, choose your side.

Truth is our weapon and belief in that truth is our defence.

The battle cry is “Set your minds on things above”, heavenly realities. You see, our world is not only the physical, that is part of the propaganda. There are greater realities than you can feel, touch or see and these realities collide more often than you might think. This other realm holds so many great truths about its soldiers that if they would only make use of this awesome arsenal the battle would be all but won. Doubts come in. Is it really that simple, all I need is available? Surely I need to train for this battle, surely I need to serve my time, earn my stars before I can see victory. Your King holds out new weapons for you, weapons of mass construction. The full power is available to you, even as a new recruit. There is no child-friendly version of truth.

Some of the weapons you might want to know about:

  • You can recognise the opposition by actions and thoughts that steal, kill, destroy or bring condemnation
  • Your King has all the authority and unmeasurable power which he delegates to you
  • You are not so much a soldier rather a son/daughter of the King: he loves and completely trusts you to represent him well
  • Love is the only strategy – it disarms and reveals the final outcome
  • People are not the opposition – they are prisoners of war
  • Prayer really does change things – it causes advancement
  • The result is already determined – we win!

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