Strong Man’s Gospel

John G. Lake

As part of our studies here at Bethel we have been reading “John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith”. It is an incredible book all about John G. Lake, a radical man of faith who was born in 1870. As you can guess from the title it covers his life and includes a large number of sermons and stories from his ministry. He was a man known for his worldwide healing ministry and he moved in such power and authority that he saw tens of thousands completely healed and set free. Reading this book has really inspired and challenged me. His life demonstrates that not only is healing for today but that even the worst conditions will be made well when we understand the power of God made available to his followers. Every believer has the same power and authority that Jesus carried available to them through the Holy Spirit. One resounding theme reveals itself from Johns ministry and sermons; Christ’s victory.

The pages of this book overflow with the revelation that Christ lives in each believer. Lake lived his life convinced that Christians are not meant to be weaklings but rather to be strong through God indwelling in them. Christians are created to reveal Gods glory, power and strength to the world. God lives in us and makes available to us all the authority and power that Christ won at the cross. He triumphed over every evil power and rose victorious to heaven with the keys to death and hell. Christianity is a Strong Man’s Gospel. Christs victory on the cross was utterly effective and as we realise this we can minister in increased power. God has not just called a few select men or women to represent him with all authority and power. Each believer has the same access to God and the Holy Spirit who longs to work through us. The cross was the entrance to this new God life. Lake comments how many Christians stay at the foot of the cross and fail to recognise the cross was the entrance way and that there is a whole new life of power, authority, dominion and Christ consciousness available to all. The Gospel really is way better than we can possibly imagine.

Concerning healing Lake expertly explains how it is always Gods will to heal and that sickness is in fact an abomination that Jesus has given us power over to destroy. God is not only able to heal as many believe but He actually wants to everytime! He is direct and unswerving in his faith and sees fantastic results. Many were healed through his touch and through being sent handkerchiefs/pamphlets that were prayed over.  He holds to the belief that healing is scientific and as such welcomes medical examinations both before, during and after many of his healings. Bacteria and viruses placed on his hand were witnessed dying under a microscope. Skeptics came into his Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington and were convinced of Gods healing work.

Lake’s convictions and revelations caused him to approach life differently. There was never a situation to big for God to deal with. There was never a person too sick or too hopeless for Gods all powerful life not to transform completely. Living each day conscious of Christs victory gave a different perspective to lifes challenges. Lake paid a huge price to serve God and bring his revelation to the world, giving up a small fortune and career and even losing his first wife to a stroke. Yet he saw things many of us only dream of.

The pages of this book made my heart burn. There is so much more than I had ever imagined. It has awakened in me a desire to see the revelation of Gods will to heal shared with many. I long to minister in the same power Lake demonstrated. I have seen God heal through my hands several times before and yet I know there is more. I have far to go in understanding the many dimensions to the truth that Christ lives in me and yet it is a journey I am passionately pursuing. As our pastor here at Bethel teaches that:

“…we owe the world an encounter with God, and that a Gospel without power is not the Gospel that Jesus preached. “

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