Naturally Supernatural

northernlightsNaturally supernatural. An oxymoron? If the supernatural became natural would it still be supernatural?

Every Christian believes in miracles. The cross and all that it accomplished gave us the greatest miracle of all, salvation. That God and man might have relationship despite our failure to be pure like God. Believing in miracles is at the very heart of Christianity. The story of the bible reveals some of the different ways that God stepped into history and accomplished the impossible time and time again. It can be easy to believe that God once did incredible things, the real challenge comes when we realise He is the same today. I want to take it a step further and suggest he now calls us, his followers to demonstrate his desire to invade the impossible here and now. We can be naturally supernatural.

Perhaps the first thing to address is that there is no such thing as supernatural to God. It is all natural to him. He is not acting beyond his ability, ever. In the Old Testament there are countless stories of men and women who God worked his miracles through; Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Daniel. Amazing stories and yet these were never intended to be the high water mark.

John the Baptist was said by Jesus to be the greatest in the Old Covenant and closed the Old Testament. Believers in Jesus are now part of his Kingdom. The least in this Kingdom are greater than John. That is pretty incredible! We have access to things that our bible heroes only dreamt of!

Jesus not only died for our sins and brought us into relationship with God. He made us children, welcoming us into the family and allowing us to share in Jesus’ inheritance! He also caused the fullness of God to come and live inside us! Salvation is the entrance to so much more.

As if that were not enough Jesus lived a life that would be a model and example for the generations that followed him.

Many of Jesus’ miracles happened as he travelled or did life. He would travel from one place to another and on the way he would encounter someone whose life would never be the same afterwards. Think about the woman at the well or the woman at her sons funeral. Jesus was full of compassion and always aware of the people around him and their need for transformation. He had the answers to each persons impossible situation. Whether it was physical, emotional or spiritual, nothing was too big or too insignificant to stop for.

His goodness led him to action and we are called to do the same. As we do life, we re-present God to the world around us. God lives in you and He wants out! Next time you are at a bus stop, maybe God put the people next to you in your path so that He could encounter them. Maybe you are at the shops and you have a short conversation with the cashier. Maybe God had words of hope to give out? As we do everyday life we can become aware of what God might do through us and there is nothing more exciting.

I have experienced this at different times in my life and yet I am still challenged and learning what it looks like to live like this consistently. Through conversations with people I did not know in daily life I have seen people healed as I offered to pray. I have seen encouragement brought to hopeless situations and I have seen God encounter people radically. It is exhilarating and yet humbling.

On a recent trip to Fresno, CA we stopped in Sacramento and one of the friends I was with spotted a man with a cane walking near by and asked if I wanted to join him as he went to chat to him and offer prayer. We went over and chatted to the man and had a great conversation. I felt Holy Spirit say the man had pain in his hip so I asked him and he confirmed. So we prayed for him and chatted some more. When we left him he still had the pain but he said that us stopping to talk to him had “made his day”. It felt good to have been obedient and step out, whether the man experienced healing later I suspect I will never know.

The thing that struck me afterwards was how many other people have I simply walked past without stopping to talk to. It hadn’t even been me that had spotted this man but my friend. Someone with a cane or a clear physical need might seem like an obvious target for Gods transformational power, but how many others are walking around with broken hearts, crippling debt or fear. It’s harder to spot these needs. Perhaps a woman drawing water at a well is as much in need of an encounter with the living God as the crippled man by the roadside?

Either way it has stirred my thinking and I continue to explore what it means to be naturally supernatural. I feel like I have glimpsed into a playground of possibilities and I know there is more, for those willing to risk. As believers, God lives in each of us and he wants out, we just need to let him! Lift your eyes today as you do life and join me in the adventure of becoming naturally supernatural.

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