Get worried!

We all have a tendency to worry about things from time to time. That is probably why Jesus said “Do not worry” in various ways and at various times. He knew that as we faced up to how little of our surroundings we actually had control over in life we would tend to worry. What will they think of me? What if this goes horribly wrong?

I would like to suggest that we are called to live differently as believers. Worry need not define us and in fact a different perspective on it might lead to greater freedom.

Ultimately the Christian hope makes a pessimistic view of the future untenable. 

If we really understood the goodness of our God and the richness of our hope we would be undone with the possibilities of our future. Pessimism would seem ridiculous.

So next time you begin to worry about things why don’t you try this. Stop worrying about what might go wrong and start worrying about things going right! Rather than worry about not having enough money, why don’t we worry about what we will do when Gods provision means we have more than enough to give away! Rather than what if this goes wrong, what if this goes really well?

We get to choose what we meditate on. What might go wrong or what might go right! Worrying is just meditating on a negative guess at the future. You can train yourself to think about possibilities not obstacles. Next time you catch yourself starting to worry, flip it. What would be the possible positive outcomes? This will feel unnatural at first but you are creating a new normal.

We are called to live lives of hope as believers and hope can be defined as a confident expectation of good to come! Worrying about good things trains us in hope and opens our eyes to the impossible.

Perhaps worrying could be good for your health after all!

Five things to get worrying about:

  1. I’m really worried about all the opportunities I will get after this job interview!
  2. I’m really worried there will be no-one left to heal after this meeting!
  3. I’m worried I’ll get everything done and still have time left!
  4. I’m worried that my child will have great friendships!
  5. I’m worried that God’s provision in my life will mean I need to find lot’s of others to bless!

One thought on “Get worried!

  1. Hi Yes to worry is to praise GOD for HIs Wisdom with us all and how HE knows us Worries and blessings and everything THANK YOU THIS IS GREAT – to look from heavens point of view you are such a great leader to help us see things in a different LIGHT !!!! KEEP ON WITH THIS ITS GREAT and we laugh with you and maybe Mr Worry will too !!! irene xx


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