In Pursuit of Excellence

I love when things are done well.

Yet this desire I find within me for things to be done well must be kept in balance. I believe at its heart it is God-given. Like many God-given desires it must find its healthy expression.

Unchecked, this desire can reveal an internal pressure to perform to gain something. Approval or popularity perhaps. None of these things are necessarily evil in and of themselves but they have a tendency to draw me away from a desire to live for an audience of one. When I remind myself that I live for the worship of God and that I start from complete approval it changes things.

I can find myself so easily working for love rather than from love. Nothing I can do will ever impress God in such a way that he will choose to love me more. Nothing I do or fail to do will ever exclude me from experiencing the glorious riches he looks to give me. My value is not based on my performance.

This is a secure foundation. From this perspective the view is very different.

My desire to do well, to be excellent, is healthiest when disconnected from a need to be approved. Instead it is free to become an overflow of worship. A healthy wholehearted desire to bring pleasure to God because I can. An amazing thought in itself. We can live our lives in such a way that brings pleasure to God. Children whose heart is to bless their father not to earn his love but to live in the experience of his love. I love this quote on the topic.

‎”Perfectionism is the fruit of performance. Excellence is the fruit of sonship.” – Christa Joy Black

Excellence in its proper context is simply me giving my all, in obedience and love. Glorifying God with all the strength and talent he gives me. There is not the faintest idea of condemnation or disapproval when this becomes our perspective.

My pursuit of excellence must never supersede my pursuit of God himself. Yet in my pursuit of God I find myself pursuing excellence.

Let it all be for your glory Lord.

Let me know your thoughts...

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