Pressing On

Once again we find ourselves in a season of reduced sleep, being sicked upon, late night cuddles, endless nappies and much talk of bowel movements. The amazing thing is we wouldn’t change it for a moment. We welcomed the beautiful Abi into the world just over a month ago and she is amazing!

The weeks are passing quickly and she is changing and growing fast right before our eyes. Little changes which would be easy to miss in the midst of the busyness. More awake time, following movements with her head, the occasional smile (OK likely just wind). Each time my wife and I excitedly point it out and beam with pride!

Yes we are that couple! (see Facebook for evidence of much photography.)

If I were to count the number of times I have heard people say “They grow up so quickly!” I would need more than my fingers and toes. Abi is growing though, all the time and it feels fast from our perspective. I find it interesting to think that for the first few years that growth seems so unstoppably fast as the steady march towards adulthood begins. Physical, mental and emotional growth as we learn all about the strange world we find ourselves in. At some point though, it seems we level off.

I was struck by some encouragement I received the other day. Someone commented that they appreciated the way I kept growing and seemed to have a continual desire to grow. It was very kind of them and not something I have consciously recognised in myself.

As I reflected though I could see the patterns that have developed in my life over recent years. There has been an increasing desire to become all that I can be in this life. That desire has not always been there. I have spent many a year floating, coasting and bumbling along. Safe in a comfort zone which gave a false sense of peace.

With hind sight a number of years ago I reconnected with God’s purpose and call on my life. This seems to have been key in shifting my heart towards growth. I have become dissatisfied with “normal” life and I have glimpsed a God who is more expansive than my mind can stretch to. A world of possibilities has opened up as I have created more space for God to transform my heart and mind.

Now my desire is to make the most of my life. To be all that I can be with all that God gives me. If the journey so far has taught me anything it is that God is able to transform me more than I ever dreamed possible. Opportunities to bring God’s Kingdom in substantial ways are but a breath away. I am not limited by my weaknesses when they merged with God’s abundant ability.

These things propel me forward to learn and grow in such a way that I am ready for a God who is waiting to move through available people. Even though, as we reach into double digits in age, our growing might become more internal there is no reason to level off. The mission is just too important to settle where we are. We owe it to God and to the others around us to keep pressing on.

There is always more to learn, there is always more healing available, there is always room for a better understanding of God and there is always space for feedback. I don’t always get it right but I do always want to be moving forward, growing. That doesn’t tend to happen by accident.

My prayer for you today is that your eyes would be opened to the greatness and goodness of God and his plans for you. Like little babies our world is to be explored in all its wonder, wide eyed and humble.

 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. Phil 3:14 (NIV)

I would love hear what you do to grow?


Let me know your thoughts...

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