Embracing Mystery

I was sharing with our students the other day on the topic of healing. I love sharing about this topic because it is something I care about personally. I have some experience with praying for healing and I have some stories of God at work in healing. It is both exciting and incredibly challenging.  Exciting … Continue reading Embracing Mystery

Wise Men Still Travel

I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop. Nothing unusual there except that I am a long way from home. Almost 5000 miles according to the inter-webs. I have returned to a home away from home, Redding in California. I have been attending a leaders conference at Bethel church. God is doing amazing things here. Many … Continue reading Wise Men Still Travel

Prompts, Purposes and Plans

Being a preacher or teacher is a dangerous business! For whatever reason standing in front of people with a microphone comes with a lot of baggage. Our culture perpetuates the idea that those who are called to lead, teach, inspire and educate us are somehow better than the rest. Unfortunately that is just as common … Continue reading Prompts, Purposes and Plans

Receiving Praise

Nothing makes a Brit cower in awkwardness like public praise and appreciation! For some reason a simple public acknowledgement for work well done causes us to reach for those awkward phrases that deflect and look for the nearest exit. Something within our culture and our identity frowns on public recognition. I suspect it has something … Continue reading Receiving Praise