Dealing Out Hope

I was reading through some old journal entries the other day. I'm not a particularly prolific journaller so this particular journal goes all the way back to 2011!! In it I came across this verse in my usual scrawled writing. Psalm 71:14 As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more … Continue reading Dealing Out Hope

Giving Feedback

In an earlier post at the start of the year I wrote that this year I would go after feedback. I want to grow through giving and receiving feedback. Well we are now over 8 months into the year and I have mostly stuck to my plan! I have been learning as I go, through … Continue reading Giving Feedback

Living From Rest

Life is full. About 9 months or so ago I realised that "busy" was fast becoming my stock answer to "how are you doing?". I don't know if others noticed but I was definitely getting bored of this reply! So I decided to stop. Life is always busy, the real question is with what. I have started preferring the word "full"! It may just be code for busy but at least it feels like a more interesting answer! In my "full" life, managing work life, home life, raising two little girls under the age of 3 and running a school of ministry on the side I have been on an intentional pursuit to understand rest...

In Pursuit of Excellence

I love when things are done well. Yet this desire I find within me for things to be done well must be kept in balance. I believe at its heart it is God-given. Like many God-given desires it must find its healthy expression. Unchecked, this desire can reveal an internal pressure to perform to gain … Continue reading In Pursuit of Excellence

Facing Into Feedback

The words appraisal, review or feedback are enough to send many running for the hills! Most people do not have a great experience of structured feedback. Most jobs, including my own, include a degree of feedback as part of performance goals and personal development. I am on a journey this year to embrace feedback. As … Continue reading Facing Into Feedback

Eat the meat, spit out the bones

The older I get the more I have realised that there is not much "pure" in life that we come across. There are mixed motives, hidden intentions, mixed messages and half truths at every turn. I used to take the approach of throwing out information that I was suspicious of very quickly. I used to … Continue reading Eat the meat, spit out the bones