Repenting of Repentance

Sometimes I think we like being hard on ourselves. It may be a British thing or it may be a human thing but the idea creeps in that to be worthwhile something must be hard and less than enjoyable. Perish the thought that something that is good for us it can't also be fun! If … Continue reading Repenting of Repentance

Money Troubles

There are few topics that cause as much controversy within the church as money. In some places you dare not speak of it, in others it becomes an unhealthy focus. It would seem easier to ignore the topic entirely if it weren't for the fact that Jesus talked about it a lot! A number of … Continue reading Money Troubles

Does Good Mean Good?

I came across this fascinating quote from C.S. Lewis the other day. It grabbed my attention as it is a topic I have spent much timing thinking about personally. Lewis is writing a letter to someone who was challenging his perspective on the problem of evil. In the letter the gentleman attempts to redefine what it means … Continue reading Does Good Mean Good?