Wise Men Still Travel

I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop. Nothing unusual there except that I am a long way from home. Almost 5000 miles according to the inter-webs. I have returned to a home away from home, Redding in California. I have been attending a leaders conference at Bethel church. God is doing amazing things here. Many … Continue reading Wise Men Still Travel

Kenyan Encounters – Salvation

We recently went to Kenya on a mission trip as part of our school in California. We were in a village called Mtwapa just outside of Mombasa on the coast. The eastern coast of Africa is a really beautiful place and we loved our time there. We were not there to enjoy the sights however. … Continue reading Kenyan Encounters – Salvation

Culture replication

We are loving our time here studying at Bethel Church. We are learning lots and God is moving in powerful ways. Restoring relationships, healing cancer, equipping believers and revealing his fathers heart. People are travelling here from all over the world, church leaders, worship leaders, politicians, musicians and actors all hoping to experience something of … Continue reading Culture replication

California dreaming (Part 2)

My wife Jo and I are heading off to California in September to study for 9 months at Bethel Church, Redding. Quite a turn out of events! So far, even the lead up to our departure has been an adventure. So I thought it might be good to share some of that for those interested. This … Continue reading California dreaming (Part 2)