Giving Feedback

In an earlier post at the start of the year I wrote that this year I would go after feedback. I want to grow through giving and receiving feedback. Well we are now over 8 months into the year and I have mostly stuck to my plan! I have been learning as I go, through … Continue reading Giving Feedback

Receiving Praise

Nothing makes a Brit cower in awkwardness like public praise and appreciation! For some reason a simple public acknowledgement for work well done causes us to reach for those awkward phrases that deflect and look for the nearest exit. Something within our culture and our identity frowns on public recognition. I suspect it has something … Continue reading Receiving Praise

A Financial Education

Normally I wait to have more formulated thoughts for the blog but I felt like sharing some of what has been going on in me over the last few months. I have been learning a lot about money and what better time to share than at the tightest point in most peoples budget! Money is … Continue reading A Financial Education

‘Til Kingdom Come

It struck me a while ago that Jesus's primary message when he was here on earth is not always reflected in the primary message of the church. We are his body after all, shouldn't we fall into line with the head? What could I possibly mean? Jesus spent a large percentage of his time both … Continue reading ‘Til Kingdom Come