Half the Story

Have you ever tuned into a conversation that is part way through? Perhaps you walk into a room, or having been zoned out suddenly pick up a phrase the people next to you are saying. Now it may just be in the circles I keep that this leaves you completely confused and sometimes very worried … Continue reading Half the Story

The world is getting better!

Good news! The world is getting better, 2012 was the best year yet! I can hear the counter-arguments already. As difficult as it might be to believe if you switched on the average news channel (or ever used the internet!), the world continues to improve. The truth however doesn't sell papers, capture your attention or make you … Continue reading The world is getting better!

Treasure hunting

Back in February we went on an adventure on the streets of Edinburgh with the young adults group in our church. Treasure hunting. Not the sort of treasure hunting you might be thinking. There were no 'pieces of eight' or eye patches in sight. There were no hidden chocolates or jewels. What we found was of more value than … Continue reading Treasure hunting