Prompts, Purposes and Plans

Being a preacher or teacher is a dangerous business! For whatever reason standing in front of people with a microphone comes with a lot of baggage. Our culture perpetuates the idea that those who are called to lead, teach, inspire and educate us are somehow better than the rest. Unfortunately that is just as common … Continue reading Prompts, Purposes and Plans

In Pursuit of Excellence

I love when things are done well. Yet this desire I find within me for things to be done well must be kept in balance. I believe at its heart it is God-given. Like many God-given desires it must find its healthy expression. Unchecked, this desire can reveal an internal pressure to perform to gain … Continue reading In Pursuit of Excellence

Saints or Sinners?

This topic can cause a lot of controversy within the church and I make no apologies for a little theology. When we come to Jesus are we still sinners or are we saints? It might seem like a pointless argument but I believe the answer holds keys in how we impact our planet with the … Continue reading Saints or Sinners?

Bethel 101: Identity and Honor (Part 2)

So we are about half way through our time here at Bethel. We have only actually been in the environment for about 3 months now but we are about half way through the time. It has been an incredible adventure so far and with our mission trip to Kenya coming up in March it is … Continue reading Bethel 101: Identity and Honor (Part 2)

Grace and Greatness

The Christian message is one of grace. By grace we mean 'undeserved favor'. The good news message of Christianity is that God loved us so much that he would send his own son to restore us to him. Not only sending him to bring a message of hope but to prove┬áhis incredible love and power … Continue reading Grace and Greatness