Giving Feedback

In an earlier post at the start of the year I wrote that this year I would go after feedback. I want to grow through giving and receiving feedback. Well we are now over 8 months into the year and I have mostly stuck to my plan! I have been learning as I go, through … Continue reading Giving Feedback

Pressing On

Once again we find ourselves in a season of reduced sleep, being sicked upon, late night cuddles, endless nappies and much talk of bowel movements. The amazing thing is we wouldn't change it for a moment. We welcomed the beautiful Abi into the world just over a month ago and she is amazing!

Facing Into Feedback

The words appraisal, review or feedback are enough to send many running for the hills! Most people do not have a great experience of structured feedback. Most jobs, including my own, include a degree of feedback as part of performance goals and personal development. I am on a journey this year to embrace feedback. As … Continue reading Facing Into Feedback

Supernatural culture

The idea of developing culture has fascinated me for the past couple of years. Not least because I am Scot living in the US at the moment. When living abroad for more than a couple of months the cultural differences begin to stand out more and more. You begin adapting to the culture you find … Continue reading Supernatural culture

You can’t put me in a box!

If I am honest I used to be really sceptical about personality tests. I put them in the same category as pointless management speak and seemingly endless anagrams. If that sort of thing makes you happy great, but I don't fit into your box and don't see how it will affect my life. That was, … Continue reading You can’t put me in a box!


If I were to give this season one word it would be "Intentional". I feel like I am learning the importance of living life intentionally. My wife and I are at the start of our second year at Bethel's Ministry School. In second year, much more is expected of us. We are being trained to … Continue reading Intentional

Moses: Leadership lessons

Today I opened my bible to read and it fell open to the life of Moses. More specifically the end of his life. He was an incredible man, created for greatness. He provided a model for leadership that people have studied for thousands of years. He had such a connection with God that he was … Continue reading Moses: Leadership lessons

Culture replication

We are loving our time here studying at Bethel Church. We are learning lots and God is moving in powerful ways. Restoring relationships, healing cancer, equipping believers and revealing his fathers heart. People are travelling here from all over the world, church leaders, worship leaders, politicians, musicians and actors all hoping to experience something of … Continue reading Culture replication

The mission trip dynamic

We have just returned from a 2 week mission trip to Kenya. It was an incredible time. We saw so many amazing things and experiencing another culture. I am sure there will be many more blog posts telling and retelling the adventures as the trip was definitely life changing. In this post however I wanted … Continue reading The mission trip dynamic

Bethel 101: Leadership (Part 3)

So we are about half way through our time here at Bethel. We have only actually been in the environment for about 3 months now but we are about half way through the time. It has been an incredible adventure so far and with our mission trip to Kenya coming up in March it is … Continue reading Bethel 101: Leadership (Part 3)