Repenting of Repentance

Sometimes I think we like being hard on ourselves. It may be a British thing or it may be a human thing but the idea creeps in that to be worthwhile something must be hard and less than enjoyable. Perish the thought that something that is good for us it can't also be fun! If … Continue reading Repenting of Repentance

Cos I Said So!

We are now almost 2 and half years into the adventure that is parenting! It is an absolute privilege and one of the most fulfilling things. At the same time it can also be deeply challenging! Before you switch off, fear not this is not an excuse for a jolly good moan about being a … Continue reading Cos I Said So!

Mind Games

We are born into a battle. A large part of the battle is waged in our minds. Believers are called to think differently, yet everything calls us to conform. In this war we need to realise that not all our thoughts are our own. Sometimes thoughts are accusations to be taken captive,¬†fiery¬†darts of doubt and … Continue reading Mind Games

Stop for the one

Heidi Baker presented an incredibly simple vision before Bethel Church recently. I think she has recently found a new phrase to summarise her hearts cry for the needy. Heidi has an amazing heart of love and compassion for the poor and hurting and her latest campaign reveals that. It is simple and the phrase is … Continue reading Stop for the one