Prophetic culture

There can be a temptation to think of the gifts of the Spirit as one off specials or simply as tools in our tool-belt. This way of thinking can lead us down a path where we think we have done that, got the t-shirt, so to speak. We can become familiar with the gifts in … Continue reading Prophetic culture


Down To Earth

I have been reflecting recently on how we have to be so careful in Christian leadership about the view of God we present to others. If we are not careful we can unwittingly creating the impression of a distant or somehow mystical and ethereal God.

Kenyan Encounters – Destiny

We recently went to Kenya on a mission trip as part of our school in California. We were in a village called Mtwapa just outside of Mombasa on the coast. The eastern coast of Africa is a really beautiful place and we loved our time there. We were not there to enjoy the sights however. … Continue reading Kenyan Encounters – Destiny