Half the Story

Have you ever tuned into a conversation that is part way through? Perhaps you walk into a room, or having been zoned out suddenly pick up a phrase the people next to you are saying. Now it may just be in the circles I keep that this leaves you completely confused and sometimes very worried … Continue reading Half the Story

‘Til Kingdom Come

It struck me a while ago that Jesus's primary message when he was here on earth is not always reflected in the primary message of the church. We are his body after all, shouldn't we fall into line with the head? What could I possibly mean? Jesus spent a large percentage of his time both … Continue reading ‘Til Kingdom Come

Guest: Kenyan Encounters – Transformed

My wife Jo shares a story from our recent time in Kenya: During our mission trip to Kenya in March this year, I had the amazing privilege of praying with a wonderful lady called Agnes. This post is all about her and what God has done for her. I first met Agnes when some of … Continue reading Guest: Kenyan Encounters – Transformed

Kenyan Encounters – Salvation

We recently went to Kenya on a mission trip as part of our school in California. We were in a village called Mtwapa just outside of Mombasa on the coast. The eastern coast of Africa is a really beautiful place and we loved our time there. We were not there to enjoy the sights however. … Continue reading Kenyan Encounters – Salvation