Money Troubles

There are few topics that cause as much controversy within the church as money. In some places you dare not speak of it, in others it becomes an unhealthy focus. It would seem easier to ignore the topic entirely if it weren't for the fact that Jesus talked about it a lot! A number of … Continue reading Money Troubles

Eat the meat, spit out the bones

The older I get the more I have realised that there is not much "pure" in life that we come across. There are mixed motives, hidden intentions, mixed messages and half truths at every turn. I used to take the approach of throwing out information that I was suspicious of very quickly. I used to … Continue reading Eat the meat, spit out the bones

Mind Games

We are born into a battle. A large part of the battle is waged in our minds. Believers are called to think differently, yet everything calls us to conform. In this war we need to realise that not all our thoughts are our own. Sometimes thoughts are accusations to be taken captive,¬†fiery¬†darts of doubt and … Continue reading Mind Games