Navigating Change In Worship

I was sharing with our amazing worship team (yes I am biased) recently and so thought I would share some of those thoughts here. We live in such a time of change. Innovation and advance are happening faster than ever. Communication is instant globally and every day new opportunities are available. So often it feels … Continue reading Navigating Change In Worship

In Pursuit of Excellence

I love when things are done well. Yet this desire I find within me for things to be done well must be kept in balance. I believe at its heart it is God-given. Like many God-given desires it must find its healthy expression. Unchecked, this desire can reveal an internal pressure to perform to gain … Continue reading In Pursuit of Excellence

Faith that Sings

It might sound like a bit of self promotion for a worship leader to tell you that Congregational worship is a big deal! Today I want to focus on one particular part of worship that I have been thinking on lately. What we sing in church really matters. I don't just mean that what we … Continue reading Faith that Sings

Hosting the Presence – Part 3

There is nothing more precious than the presence of God. This series explores the story of God's presence throughout the bible and explores how we can host him well in our midst. In the first two parts of this series (Part 1, Part 2) I set the scene by exploring the topic of God's presence … Continue reading Hosting the Presence – Part 3

Excellence in worship

I'm sure the title of this blog-post will make some uncomfortable. There is a fear within many churches that pursuing excellence in any one area will result in something that is all about us and not about God. There is the idea going around that somehow us putting in lots of effort stunts our reliance … Continue reading Excellence in worship

The ultimate partnership

Last year I went to Kenya. Not your usual holiday trip (although there was time for a safari and some beach time!), I was there as part of a team from our church as part of Global Alpha Training. The basic vision is to equip the local church leaders/congregation to run Alpha courses in their … Continue reading The ultimate partnership